Epidemic Prevention

by Incarnator



released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Incarnator Yekaterinburg, Russia

Incarnator is a Progressive Death/Thrash Metal band from Yekaterinburg (Russia), formed in 2007. Band's music can be described as a modern incarnation of the traditions founded by bands such as Death, Carcass and Coroner. Since 2007 band released several EPs, tribute album to "Death", two full-length albums and achieved recognition in the circles of underground music fans all over the world. ... more

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Track Name: Maruta
[Solo: Reyngard]

You're here, but why?
Last question in your life.
They charged you, confession signed.
You're doomed, condemned to die.

Your life is not your own,
Your destiny is foreknown.
They stole your life from you.
Alive, but already gone.

Screams tear your ears,
The smell of fear,
Moans drill your brain
In the house of pain.

Now it's your turn.
You suffer and they learn
New torture.
By watching your agony
They Increase their ingenuity.

Your life is not your own,
Your destiny is foreknown.

Eyes with no pity
Are watching how you're bleeding.
You scream - they record.
Your reaction to the pain is explored.

Perception of reality is blunted,
Body is mutilated,

(You have)
No strength for hate - it makes no sense.
They bring the pain - they'll bring it to you.
Sadistic methods of implementing their plans.
No chance for victims to pass through it.

Hope is gone no strength to stand it,
Dreams of the past have almost left you.
You wish your heart stopped beating,
But you'll die only when they let you.

[Solo: Melentyev]

Tired of pain
Of humiliation,
But soon this terror ends -
It's the only direction.
The old mad man
Will sing you a lullaby,
Will put you into the fire
And your story will end.

[Solo: Melentyev]
Track Name: Obsessed Savants
Watch maruta writhe
Learn the fatigue strength
Torture 'till the death
No compassion and no remorse
They're all just a resource -
Learn the deadly gashes
Then they all will turn to ashes

Burn the skin to bone
Freeze and smash with stone
Note the time they were drawn
It's all - all for science
Poison in the veins
Carve the living brain
Monitor the pain
It's all - all for science

Not humans but logs
Material for science
Human beings that consigned
To die in torment and agony
Boundless cruelty
Forces biology
(They'll die)
There is no clemency
Experiments are fatal

Torn woman's womb
Burst in a vacuumed room
Each one will be consumed
It's all - all for science
Infect clinically
Breath the mercury
Filmed the agony
It's all - all for science

They all died
They were all crucified
The cruel research
Of pain
But the truth is it is not in vain

[Solo: Melentyev]

Conveyor belt of death

It's all in the name of science