Realm of Terror

from by Incarnator



[Solo: Reyngard]

Who are you? What is your role?
Not even a piece, but a material.
They'll use your life to achieve theirs goals
They really don't care about expendables.

It's the false flag terrorism
Ruled from the house of moral nihilism.

They're capable of any deed.
The victims are chosen, the order is signed.
With deaths and tears they sow the seed
Of public hate and form your mind.

It's the false flag terrorism
Ruled from the house of moral nihilism.

[Solo: Melentyev]

Sabotage, warship attack,
Aircraft explosion, the terror act.

Evidence fabrication,
Accusation, intervention.

[Solo: Palitsin]

They feel no guilt, and no remorse at all. A means to an end.
To achieve the goals, to hold the throne. A rabble won't understand.
You are a part of a big game. Accept your death with honor.

Another time, another century,
Another people, but the same treachery.

With mourning tears you all will believe this trickery.
They'll spread the word of soi-disant liberty.

Hey, suspecting one, just keep in mind, like it or not,
But the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood.


from Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam, released June 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Incarnator Yekaterinburg, Russia

Incarnator is a Progressive Death/Thrash Metal band from Yekaterinburg (Russia), formed in 2007. Band's music can be described as a modern incarnation of the traditions founded by bands such as Death, Carcass and Coroner. Since 2007 band released several EPs, tribute album to "Death", two full-length albums and achieved recognition in the circles of underground music fans all over the world. ... more

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